Iiris Vesik – Ice – cold Story

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Iiris Vesik – Ice – cold Story

Ice-cold Story

Aasta: 2008

Iiris Vesik – Ice – cold Story sõnad

Snowflakes flying in the wintersky
They have no wings
Like wordless choir on the high
That cannot sing

Endlessly the time will flow
And noone knows
How many secrets are hidden
In the falling snow

It’s an ice-cold story
In my snow-white hand
And this old old story
Will never find the end

Shining lilies on my window-pane
Will wander by
Ancient happy-ending fairy tales
Oh they make me cry

Talking to the mirror
When noone hears
Good-bye lonely moments
Running down the stairs

It’ s an ice-cold…

Snowman under the apple tree
Will never melt
His empty eyes remind me
That’s how I’ve always felt

Oh, mister snowman
Will you marry me
Let’s fly like snowflakes
Across the frozen sea

And here comes the spring
I feel on my finger
An ice-cold ring

It’s an ice-cold…

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