Kristjan Kasearu – So Much To Say

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Kristjan Kasearu – So Much To Say

So Much To Say


Kristjan Kasearu – So Much To Say sõnad

When the moon starts shining in room
I can see the lipstick on my mirror
Glass of whiskey standing next to the bed
Milion thoughts around my head

I don?´t think that it?´s so bad
to look around yourself, to be clad
If every Monday doesn`t give the sun
But In our heards you can feel the rising...


Cos there?´s so much to say
Sometimes I think that I don?´t even know your name
If it goes on like this everyday
I will loose, I will loose you again.

From every day to every week
Same feeling ?€“ good, that i wanna keep
If it wouldn?´t happend like it did
That ride to heart would sound like this...


One day I promise I will roll us away,
to the land witch is full of good times
where we can rock day by day

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