Checkpoint Charlie – Split Personality

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Checkpoint Charlie – Split Personality

Split Personality

Checkpoint Charlie – Split Personality sõnad

Your clock is ticking on the time of speedway
From near and far you look just fine
but change of mood is quick to come
for no reason you’re becoming numb

Can’t find no friends from out of school
they say you’re fake and deceitful
illusive world what you have made
has thrown you back to the lowest grade

When you’re BLACK then you’re WHITE
When you’re WRONG then you’re RIGHT
When you’re STRAIGHT then you’re GAY
You need to find your way!

There’s a barrier against every little thing-
a lying bitch can’t be a king
so pick a side and choose your style
cause you’re running out of time

A damaged confidence is what you wear
that’s why you’re hiding behind your own tears
your different sides of personality
are functioning as distinct etnities.

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