Gunnar Graps – Hingeleegid

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    i signed up a litlte while ago to comment and just keep forgetting to despite the begging being right at the start D=. ive been reading for a long time now though. every week. i think your style of humour is perfect for the material which you obviously enjoy covering. i look forward to every Best and Worst and think it is easily the best wrestling blog kept. i especially enjoy the best and worst of smackdown because its really the better of the two shows. i wish there were more of those and fewer live blogs, as that format I don`t find as good a read, and comments notwithstanding, i think you are really best when you`re writing a longer, thought-out blog and especially without any sidekicks. i do not mean any negativity, i am trying to say i think you are much funnier when the article is you talking about what happened because the way you write and the knowledge you have is interesting and entertaining, often much moreso than the product it reviews. it seems like it is very good for people who are there, but anytime after the show and it`s a litlte hard to follow. i think the rest of us would love a best and worst, and probably even those who followed the liveblog would as well.

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Gunnar Graps – Hingeleegid


Aasta: 1987

Gunnar Graps – Hingeleegid sõnad

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    See video lisati lehele Tuesday 10 March, 2009 Tõmba artisti Evestus Hingeleegid alla Evestus - Hingeleegid .mp3 download Muusikavideod Pop Hingeleegid lyrics can be found here Siit saad lugeda Hingeleegid sõnad ja vaadata selle loo videot
    Lugu valmis 1987 aastal
    Seda videot on vaadatud juba

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